Vivo New Model Announces X50 Flagship Series With Gimbal Style Camera

Here in this post, we share Vivo New Model Announces X50 Flagship Series With Gimbal Style Camera Vivo has declared its flagship phones of 2020, the series. Since previously teased, the critical feature will be the primary camera’s heavy-duty reshaping process, which Vivo variously contrasts with professional gimbals along with chameleons’ eyes.

Vivo New Model Announces X50 Flagship Series With Gimbal Style Camera

It previously showed up on Vivo’s Apex 2020 concept phone, but the corporation was not competent to flaunt it off in person because of this COVID-19 pandemic; now, it’ll be sending on commercial apparatus.

The highest-end version is your x 50 Guru +, which utilizes Samsung’s new 50-megapixel 1/1.3-inch screen ISOCELL GN1 sensor for the critical camera. The gimbal program uses an on-screen”radar” that depicts the lens’ motion and signals when a shot will probably remain stable. Although the X50 does maybe perhaps not, Even the Vivo New Model X-50 Pro + and X50 Pro additionally consist of telephoto cameras.

The X-50 Pro + includes a Snapdragon 865 chip using the X55 5G modem, although Vivo has announced full-spec sheets to the mobiles. The screen supports 120Hz refresh speeds and HDR 10 +. Vivo states the regular X50 is that the most bizarre Vivo New Model X50 Pro is 5G phone ever at 7.49mm thick, yet nevertheless, suggesting a mid-range device that might use something like a Snapdragon 765.


That is pretty much everything Vivo says regarding the X-50 lineup for now, for any reason, therefore, we’ll need to hold back till eventually, we have the device(s) in hand to inform you longer — such as the price as well as the discharge day. The company comes with a track record of debuting brand new hardware characteristics that wind up getting adopted elsewhere, from Vivo New Model in-display fingerprint sensors to selfie cameras, so we are certainly interested in testing out the gimbal stabilization for ourselves.

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