Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program New Update

We all know that the coronavirus is spreading in Pakistan. On March 24, Chief Minister Usman Bazdar announced a nationwide lockout to protect Corona. Following the announcement of the lockout, all businesses across the country were closed.

Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program New Update

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar announced a health care package for the poor and daily wage earners affected by the province’s lockout, given the coronavirus.

Addressing a press conference in Lahore after the meeting of the provincial cabinet, the Chief Minister said that Rs 10 billion had been allocated for this package, which will help 2.5 million families and provide Rs 4,000 per family.

“For this, the people will send a message from home, and they will get their name and ID card number, after which they will be verified, and the money will be transferred,” he said.

He said that those arrested during the shutdown in Punjab had been ordered to be released in good faith, and people are requested to stay in their homes.

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He said that the ban on cement factories in Punjab was being lifted as per the directions of the federal government.

The Chief Minister said that 10,000 vacancies had been allowed to ease the pressure on law enforcement agencies, and a summary of 500 vehicles has also been approved.

He said that a 1000-bed hospital had been constructed at the Expo Center in Lahore, which has been running since yesterday.
Pakistan is a developing country, and 70% of the sparse population depends on their daily income

Due to the closure of business, daily wages have lost their daily wages. That is why Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar has announced an app for all regular fees and anti-aid for local workers so that they can use the anti-iPad app. Get financial support.

Details of equity subsidy package for workers:

Chief Minister Usman Bozdar said that Rs. 10 billion was included in the Justice Assistance Program to meet the aspirations of low-income families.

Each low-income family will get Rs 4,000 per month for their needs. All applications will be accepted through the online form, and after verification and approval, applicants will receive Rs—4,000 per month.

An approved applicant will get Rs. 4000, in his online account like Jazz Cash, Easy Money, etc.
Getting help with an online account is more secure than any other resource.

Justice Subsidy Process:

  • First of all, download the Insaaf app.
  • After downloading Justice, a page with the online form will open.
  • Enter your details such as name, CNIC number and mobile number

Now accept the affidavit (in my opinion, all the data is correct, and no information is confidential. If any information is incorrect, I am responsible for refunding all the money, and legal action is allowed against me) and to apply Click Apply. Application for Justice Subsidy Program

Pay Attention:

Ineligible to apply for justice subsidy:

  • Current service or retired government and semi-government employee landlord
  • People benefited from another welfare scheme.
  • The utility bill is over 10,000 per month.

Owner of any vehicle (except motorcycles, rickshaws, Chung Chi).


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