Dow University Claim That Vaccine Prepared For corona Treatment:

Karachi: Dow university of fitness Sciences has claimed that “we’ve got made a vaccine for coronavirus remedy”

Dow University Claim That Vaccine Prepared For corona Treatment

According to the Dow college spokeswoman, the “intravenous immunoglobulin” vaccine is an important step inside the fight against coronavirus.

He stated that globulin has been organized from obvious antibodies acquired from corona virus-treated patients, specialists have also performed globulin checking out and animal protection trials, which have been a success.

Prof Shaukat Ali says globulin manufacturing is a ray of desire inside the Corona crisis

Professor Saeed Qureshi (Dow college) said that “IVIG” is a giant leap forward within the war in opposition to Coronavirus.

According to Professor Saeed, “we’ve got examined this vaccine on animals and the end result became a success”

He in addition delivered that we’ve got sent a letter to the government of Pakistan to approve our request so we will check this vaccine on people and as soon as we start examined the vaccine we can have consequences in 2 to a few weeks.

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